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 Welcome to the Union Hill Art page! 

     My name is Mrs. Katie Nelson and I am the new junior high and high school art teacher this year.  I am very excited to help start the new art program at UHISD and look forward to an incredible school year!

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Mission Statement
My mission as an art educator is to inspire a love of knowledge, creativity, and global understanding for my students.  By developing and executing a varied and open fine arts curriculum, I hope to inspire an appreciation for art across histories and cultures as well as teach them the techniques and skills they need to create a cohesive and advanced body of work.  I will offer challenges to my students to work both independently and collaboratively that will provide opportunities that will teach them how to become true innovators. By building strong and supportive relationships with my students I will create an environment conducive to creative self-expression, awareness of the world around us, and such higher-level thinking skills that will help them prepare for their futures.  I hope to guide them in ways that will help them grow to express themselves authentically while making a meaningful and beautiful impact on our community and our world. _____________
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Here is a link to the slideshow of all the images as well as the official list of artists and artworks for our JH Art teams:

UIL Slideshow


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