Andrew Reynolds

Andy Reynolds
​Carpe Diem

It is the beginning of another wonderful school year. Let's hit the ground running and have a wonderful year. I just wanted to let you know that all students will be needing a 3 ring binder for my class this year that will be independent from any other binders they may use in other classes. Thanks

1st - Government               7:55-8:43
2nd- US History                 8:47-9:35
3rd- US History                 9:39-10:27
4th- Government              10:31-11:19
5th- Conference               11:23-12:10
Lunch                              12:10-1:10
6th- World Geography       1:14-2:00    
7th- Girls Athletics             2:04-2:50
8th- JH Athletics                2:54-3:40